Shuyang Nursery

Shuyang Nursery/沭阳苗圃 

Shuyang, a small city in Jiangsu province in eastern China, is 280 miles from Shanghai and has a population of 1.9 million.


We, ONT, have a 3000mu nursery called SONT in Shuyang. Shuyang nursery is our propagation center, which is considered as the 1st station for all ONT trees.


In Shuyang nursery we have achieved a survival rate of 90% for our buddings, which belongs to the industry - leading level. All trees propagated in Shuyang are native to the U.S.A, which will be grown to be 2-3 years branch trees from whips in field. When their size reach what we need, all trees will be harvested from field and shipped them as bare root trees to our container nurseries in Haining and Jinan then replant them in containers till salable size.